Grade 10 Hike 2019: Reflections

Most people, when asked to write about the grade 10  hike, would talk about how much “fun” it was. To me, it wasn’t just fun but life-changing. The fact that we were put into groups at random and were basically “forced” to work with people we weren’t used to was something difficult - I had to get out of my comfort zone as I find it very hard to work in groups. 

The activities we had to do involved teamwork as they could not be completed individually. The first activity was to come up with a war cry followed by a trash-collecting competition.  We also had to arrive at our destination as a team after some walking, cooperate on cooking a meal as a team and answer a set of quiz questions in a booklet. 

My group won the trash-collecting competition and we arrived at our destination first. That would not have happened if we did not put our differences aside, step out of our comfort zones and work together. The hike may have involved a lot of walking and when I say a lot, I mean A LOT, but it was an amazing experience. Memories were made and it was an experience no grade 10 will forget. As a grade, we were quite sceptical about the whole idea and we didn’t think we would enjoy it, but we actually did. 

The two lessons that I learnt from the hike are that no one is an island - we need one another and that we must make the most of the time we have together because we only have two years left with each other. 

Naleli Ramashamole 10NDL

I dreaded the thought of having to wake up earlier than usual on a Saturday morning. My expectations and levels of excitement were pretty low. I honestly did not want to participate in anything. My perception changed completely, after the presentation of the flags and war-cries. The groups were collectives of different personalities, and so we weren’t sure how well it was going to work. Yet, everything worked out in the end, and everyone was really impressive. 

The beginning of the walk was adventurous and my body was pumping with adrenaline. As the walk proceeded we sang songs of Zomzabalazo. At the dam, we also took part in other activities such as writing letters to our future selves and picking up litter at the waterfall. Aside from the quiz, cooking a meal with my team and the most enjoyable part of the trip was eating what we cooked. 

Throughout this whole journey, I learnt the importance of teamwork. I learnt that we have to lean on each other in order for our dreams to be fulfilled. I am very happy to say that I had a splendid day. 

Simthandile Ncube 10PZ

On the 5th of October, the Grade 10s had the opportunity to go on a 9km hike to Inanda Dam. The trip for me was very exciting because I love walking. It was a great experience because I got the chance to see a waterfall close up - one of God’s amazing creations. 

It was great having to see the waterfall, but having to cross the fast-flowing water almost ruined the moment. You see, I’m afraid of the water going right to the waterfall, and over the edge! But I did it, thanks to Luthando, who stood by me and helped me face my fears. 

The walk was long and exhausting. It was like it was about an eight-hour journey but all that was not noticeable because of the company of our amazing members. When we got to take a break I was drained and thirsty but thanks to MahMsomi who came to the rescue with cold water. I managed to get a little more energy to keep on going, as far as I can. The walk was smooth after that apart from the fact that there were dogs and cows on the road, which I’m also afraid of. After being burnt by the sun we finally arrived at our destination. We started cooking our way to a great meal.

Amahle Mlotshwa 10ZM