Lockdown learning

Lockdown provided an opportunity for members to engage in a different kind of learning. While the idea of online school can seem appealing, as Inanda we felt it was important to create active tasks in and around the home environment, rather than merely relying on technology to attempt to recreate the school experience. Here are some glimpses into a couple of the projects and some reflections from teachers and students...

TRASHION SHOW: Our Grade 8s created an online fashion show using up-cycled trash. This year's collection demonstrates the members' style and skill. The Trashion Show is part of the Global Studies curriculum. This project combined the use of technology, design and practical arts & crafts skills, all the while keeping an eye out for the Sustainable Development Goals.

AR - GRRR: Our Grade 8 Global Studies classes also took a look at augmented reality (AR) and found some interesting creatures at home!


SWEET SCIENCE: Members found creative (and delicious) ways to learn at home about how the different chemical compounds are formed as part of Physical Science! Well done Mah Msomi on such a lovely activity for our Members!


D-I-Y DIGESTION: The Grade 11s were busy studying the digestive system in Life Sciences. Some of our Members have been creative in putting together simple models of the digestive system from things that they have found at home. We are proud of our members for putting into practice our motto, as they really are shining where they are! 

THE GOOD WITH THE BAD: What I enjoyed about lockdown learning was being able to concentrate on my work, learning to be independent and do things for myself. I got a lot of knowledge from researching online and also thinking outside the box. What I did not enjoy about lockdown learning was not being able to be around my friends and not going to chapel in the morning. Sometimes I was not able to understand the work and also the workload sometimes seemed too much. (Thembalami Ndunga, Grade 8)


THERE'S NOT ONE ONLINE: Maths teacher Henry Marufu has found that it’s easier for some members to access materials at home when they are converted to pdf and are then uploaded to both WhatsApp and Google Classroom. He reflects: "Teaching online has been exciting. It has given me and my students an opportunity to learn how to adapt to the new normal. It has been an opportunity to learn how to do things differently and explore different ways of engaging students who are out of sight. The response and eagerness to learn by students with internet connectivity have been pleasing. Kudos to all parents who continue to be supportive of their children's efforts while they engage with us."