Overview and history of KICP

Prior to 2016, Inanda Seminary’s social development programme involved the school working in two primary schools running an afternoon oral literacy programme and bringing in FET science and maths students from a neighbouring high school for Saturday classes.

At the same time, the matric results of the students in the 20 Inanda North High Schools have been generally poor and the Seminary had on-going requests from neighbouring schools to develop principals, staff and students wherever possible.

The Khanyisa Inanda Community Project (KICP) was thus birthed officially at the beginning of 2016 and includes the following interventions:

  • A fully operative Saturday School Programme providing maths, science, and English classes for high school students
  • The SMILE primary school oral literacy programme
  • Professional development for teachers from community schools
  • Teacher-intern programme in Ndwedwe
  • ICT access for high school students - we are busy building a new computer centre which will also house the new offices for KICP

The purpose of the Khanyisa Inanda Community Project is to provide high-quality education and professional development to disadvantaged students, teachers and leaders in public schools in the greater Inanda area.

The objectives of the Khanyisa Inanda Community Project are:

  • To provide additional tuition to community children in public high schools in the areas of maths, science and English; and in public primary schools in the areas of language.
  • To invite public school leaders to identify children in their local community schools who show potential in maths and science and to select them to attend Gr 12 holiday classes (Winter and Spring School) at the Inanda Seminary
  • To offer facilities to community children to access computer technology for computer literacy, research purposes, internet access, as well as higher education applications and bursaries.
  • To offer professional development opportunities to all teachers in the greater Inanda area to increase their instructional leadership capacity
  • To offer professional development opportunities to maths, science and language teachers in public schools and community schools in the greater Inanda area to increase their subject-specific skills and competence
  • To offer educational leadership opportunities to principals/leaders in public schools to enhance their leadership in public school spaces
  • To mentor and support teacher-interns in 8 primary schools in the Ndwedwe area

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