Training Teacher Interns

Inanda Seminary aims to lead the way in the training of teacher-interns in South Africa. We are currently carrying out projects to expand our intern programme and have also built an intern accommodation block on campus. Interns reside in the Intern block or on the top floor of Stanwood cottage.

Teacher development is a significant constraint when it comes to improving educational outcomes in South Africa. To raise the quality of teaching and learning, it is our vision to train and grow inspired, high-quality teachers from disadvantaged backgrounds through an internship programme. This programme, which expands on an existing internship programme, allows intern-teachers to be mentored and to observe and experience good quality teaching and learning whilst completing their formal studies towards a teaching qualification. The South African Extraordinary Schools Coalition (SAESC) is uniquely placed to develop teachers through this programme. This established network of well-functioning schools uses emerging internationally recognised best teaching practices and has a proven track record of working within disadvantaged communities. Intern-teachers receive a bursary covering academic fees, study materials, living expenses, and a stipend. Over a 5 year period, each intern is slowly integrated into the teaching and operating practices of a dynamic, high-performing school. On completion of this qualification, intern-teachers are be placed in SAESC and other South African schools. The SAESC is looking for funders wanting to invest in this programme.

All Inanda interns are mentored by senior teachers and attend the same professional development that the rest of the staff attend every week. Some are already in charge of their own classes. Their lessons are continuously observed and they are exposed to as much experience as possible. All interns work closely with the professional development & intern coordinators.